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Trade Show Talk Podcast

Jul 21, 2022

This is our second show this month around the very important topic of sustainability in events. On this one we talk about standards, helping us learn more deeply how we can all make a difference on this front. 

The Events Industry Council (EIC) has emerged as our industry’s authority for educating and providing standards and resources for sustainability. On this episode we have an expert from EIC who gives us so much to think about on a variety of ways we can make our meetings and events more sustainable and responsible.

Having certifications and standards ratings is the perfect way to make sure every single supplier and organizer of events has insight into all the ways we can make a difference. From selecting the right venue, to menu selection, to determining whether an event should be held in person or online–Mariela shares a ton of thoughts and ideas with us that we can all put into practice.

Plus, we get some "hot off the presses" industry news from TSNN's Rachel Wimberly.

Our Guest

Mariela McIlwraith, CMP, CMM, MBA, is the Senior Vice President, Industry Advancement for the Events Industry Council (EIC) and Chief Sustainability Officer for the EIC Centre for Sustainability and Social Impact. Representing more than 30 member organizations with over 103,500 individuals and 19,500 organizations, the Events Industry Council promotes high standards and professionalism in the events industry.

Mariela is also the co-author of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Meetings and Events Industry, a part of the Wiley Event Series, is the Executive Editor of the Events Industry Council Manual, 9th Edition, and co-author of Meet Better: 167 Easy Ways to Make Your Events More Environmentally and Socially Responsible.

Resources from EIC:


The "Trade Show Talk" podcast is publishing two episodes per month, focusing on a different theme each month. If you'd like to be a sponsor or a guest or you have a topic to suggest we cover, please let us know by emailing