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Trade Show Talk Podcast

Nov 10, 2022

The content shared at our events is a GOLDMINE of a resource for organizations. Truly, events are their own marketing channel, and we should be curating that creative content to use throughout all of our marketing materials.

We continue our content theme on this episode with the amazing Miguel Neves. He brings a unique...

Oct 27, 2022

The content we provide at our meetings and events is a crucial element of the experience. Did you know there is a ton of research around the psychology of content? 

Our guest on this episode is a thought leader in our industry on the topic. Victoria gives us a ton of things to think about that we can implement right...

Oct 7, 2022

Event marketing and marketing an event are different things… and they are inter-connected. On this episode our guests share the state of the industry as they are seeing it through working with a variety of corporate clients over the years.

Several strategic themes resonate throughout this show… be authentic,...

Sep 22, 2022

There are some people in the events industry who personify the creativity, class, and kindness we should all aspire to, and our guest on this episode is one of those people.

Throughout her career Tahira Endean has been on a path of both learning and educating. In her latest venture she has joined the education team at...

Sep 1, 2022

There are many layers to a successful exhibition both from the organizer side and the exhibitor side, and our guest on this episode helps us understand some of the intricacies.

He talks about how exhibition organizers have an incredible opportunity to help their exhibitors be more successful! 

And on the exhibitor side...