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Trade Show Talk Podcast

Sep 22, 2022

There are some people in the events industry who personify the creativity, class, and kindness we should all aspire to, and our guest on this episode is one of those people.

Throughout her career Tahira Endean has been on a path of both learning and educating. In her latest venture she has joined the education team at IMEX Group as Head of Programme.

Everything in the meetings and events industry provides different opportunities for growth of knowledge, relationships, and revenue. Trade shows are one of those great opportunities and Tahira talks through all of the ways exhibitors and show organizers can maximize these experiences.

Get a notepad out for this packed episode.

Our guest

Tahira Endean CMP, DES, CED
Writer, speaker, connector, collaborator

Tahira is designing people-centric, purpose driven events, living in Vancouver, BC. She is head of Programme for IMEX Group. The more complicated the event seems, the more useful she will be to you! Developing events for our industry peers allows her to bring creative energy to events and use the combination of ubiquitous technology and human nature to create relevance for our participants. 

Tahira’s book, “Intentional Event Design, Our Professional Opportunity”, was written from two decades of experience producing events and designing environments where trust is nurtured, driving growth for participants and organizations. She is an Instructor, Certified Event Designer, and Digital Event Strategist.


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