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Trade Show Talk Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

The content we provide at our meetings and events is a crucial element of the experience. Did you know there is a ton of research around the psychology of content? 

Our guest on this episode is a thought leader in our industry on the topic. Victoria gives us a ton of things to think about that we can implement right away to make a difference. 

Did you know your participants get a BETTER experience with your content when they listen through headphones? It's true! The music you select matters too. 

Providing content that creates a more impactful experience for our participants is something we should all strive for, and you will walk away with so many learnings.

Our guest

Victoria Matey is an event psychology advisor and co-founder of Matey Events, a business event consultancy. 

Victoria believes that experiences take place in people’s minds first and foremost. By offering insight into human behavior, she helps eventprofs deliver more remarkable events with less effort. She provides ideas, strategies, and science-backed solutions for increased engagement, retention, and revenue.

Victoria is the author of "Event Psychology Lab" online course and the "10 Principles of Strategic Event Planning" book. She leads the Event Psychology club, a community and the top resource for eventprofs looking to transform events with brain science insights, and hosts the podcast "What If I Told You," where she interviews behavioral scientists and practitioners about human psychology and mind.

In addition to receiving Ford Foundation IFP Fellowships and IFP Alumni Awards, Victoria has been recognized by Smart Meetings as a Top100 Smart Women in Meetings, a ChangeMaker by MeetingsNet, and in 2022 she was named the Meeting Professional of the Year.

AMAZING resources shared in the episode:
Headphones vs speakers research
What if I Told You podcast
Event Psychology Lab online course
Event Psychology Club community
Behavioral Science playlist

Two books Victoria recommends on the topic-

"7 1/2 Lessons About the Brain" by Lisa Feldman Barrett

"Design for How People Think" by John Whalen, PhD


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