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Trade Show Talk Podcast

May 5, 2022

For our theme this month, we're focusing on food and beverage. It is Food Allergy Awareness Month and Celiac Disease Awareness Month.

There is so much more to managing food and beverage than meets the eye. It’s no longer about just learning who needs a vegetarian meal. We have to account for allergies and we need to understand it is also about inclusivity and accessibility. There are things you might not be thinking about.

By educating the industry from hotel chefs, to planners and CSMs, to food servers, Tracy has made it her mission to not only shine a light on what needs to be done, but also how we can get creative while keeping everyone safe!

We have all sat next to people at an event who sat for way too long before being served. Or next to the person who was served a plate of vegetables. Not only can we do better, it is our obligation… AND we can save time and money while doing the right thing.

Tracy has a fantastic podcast called Eating at a Meeting, in addition to a Facebook group of the same name where she records her podcast live–check them out also.

She knows her stuff!

Tracy Stuckrath

Dietary Needs Expert. Meetings Industry Changemaker. Certified Special Events Professional. Tracy Stuckrath works with organizations and meeting planners worldwide to create safe, sustainable, and inclusive F&B events that deliver experiences where everyone feels valued. Every guest matters. Every meal matters.

Founder of thrive! meetings & events, and the Eating at a Meeting podcast, Tracy has had a 30+year career as an event professional. After being diagnosed with a food allergy, she changed the trajectory of her career in 2009 to help clients establish best practices, mitigate risk, improve experiences, and increase profit with the food and beverage they serve.

She has produced 120+ podcast episodes, co-authored two books, published over 100 articles and is recognized as a meetings and event industry leader, including Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry and a Top 500 Event Professionals in North America.