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Trade Show Talk Podcast

Jun 2, 2022

The human element will never be automated. Creativity will never be automated.

And Event Technology is the workhorse behind the human efforts to make change and creativity in the meetings and events industry.

When we design events – or an experience – we are behind them as humans and event technology is a force we can use to help us put the ingredients together.

These are just a few of the gems from our guests on episode ten.

Event technology has taken on many forms over the last ten years, and Michelle and Nick have been there each step of the way.

We have all been through a lot over the past couple of years and now is the time to get a better understanding of tech in our industry.

Michelle Bruno, MPC, CEM, CMP  

Strategic Consultant with Dahlia+ Agency and President of Bruno Group Signature Services

As a former supplier and conference planner/trade show manager, Michelle sees the technology and evolution of the live-event industry through a unique lens. She chronicles change through articles in event-industry publications, event-tech company blogs and at At her firm, Bruno Group Signature Services, she helps create content and strategies for companies interested in attracting more customers through digital-marketing channels.

As a technology writer, she supports marketing agencies and consultancies that require outside resources to meet the content demands of their technology-industry clients. She has managed content strategies and produced white papers, product profiles, messaging frameworks, email copy, website copy, blogs, and executive level thought leadership materials for leading firms, such as Intel, Cisco, Verizon, SAIC, TE, ExxonMobil, RSM, McCann Erickson, Salt 5 Marketing, and AMR International.

Nick Borelli, Marketing Director, Meetaverse™ by Allseated, podcaster, and board member of SEARCH Foundation, among other things!

With over two decades in digital marketing and live events, Nick Borelli’s mission is to bring the world together through intentionally designed experiences.

As the Director of Marketing Growth for AllSeated and exVo, Nick engages with event professionals in order to continuously provide the next level tools that help organizations reach their goals.


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