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Trade Show Talk Podcast

Jan 9, 2022

Community has always been important within the meetings and events industry, and the last couple of years have elevated just how crucial it is! On this episode we explore how PCMA is embracing the 365-community approach and it gets us thinking about how we should all approach it.

Our guest on this inaugural episode of the "Trade Show Talk" podcast is Meredith Rollins, Chief Community Officer at PCMA. She truly shows us exactly why a position like hers is needed.

"And with the mentality of putting the customer at the center, you have to organize your company like that, because whether they're attending an event, or they're a sponsor, or they're on the board, we want to recognize that person as their whole self, and all the ways that they're engaging with the organization, and not just in the silo -- to your point of, at that time -- what they're doing with us.

So, it's definitely helped us get a more 360-view of the customer and what they're doing with the organization... and how we can help them on their journey."

Our Guest
Meredith Rollins

Meredith Rollins is experienced in strategic operations and business development. She’s passionate about the power events have in driving human connections and business outcomes. She’s based in Franklin, Tennessee, she’s a Midwest native, and she received her MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and undergrad from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Meredith leads PCMA's Community Engagement and Business Development teams, delivering programs and services that strengthen the connections between PCMA members, facilitate knowledge sharing, deliver ROI to partners, and advance the network of professionals in the global business events industry.

The "Trade Show Talk" podcast will publish two episodes per month, focusing on a different theme each month. If you'd like to be a guest or you have a topic to suggest that we cover, please let us know by emailing

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